Most homeowners in the northeast know that preparing their home for colder weather is a tremendously important task. A properly prepared home can save a lot of time and/or money in the long run – especially during a rough winter.

Some of the biggest things to prepare for involve moisture and water flow, primarily because of issues that can arise when that moisture is frozen during the winter. An obvious thing to think about is shutting down the pool, but some less obvious things may include draining the sprinkler system and exterior faucets, and checking the home’s gutters and drainage to make sure they’re working properly.

Also, you can protect your property from damage by removing any damaged tree limbs before heavy snowfall, and storing, covering, or otherwise protecting your expensive lawn care equipment and patio furniture.

Finally, fire up your snowblower to make sure it’s working well, and check out your salt and shovel situation. This simple step can save a lot of frustration once a big storm hits.

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