Paul R. Desmarais

My name is Paul R. Desmarais, Certified Professional Inspector and owner of Sentinel Home Inspections LLC. I am a dedicated and qualified home inspector with years of industry experience and the best training available for home inspectors today.

My Story

Sentinel Home Inspections is not a Franchise or a faceless corporation – we are your neighbors. I was born and raised in New Hampshire and spent my entire life (except for a stint in the US Army) right here in New Hampshire. I know the homes here like the back of my hand. I have many years of construction and remodeling experience – from 1800 post and beam to modern homes and many eras in between. This has given me experience that can’t be taught in a classroom – but has to be lived and experienced – and it’s what makes me a great home inspector.

I truly enjoy examining the homes I inspect – whether new or old. It allows me to help those who might not know a lot about their potential new home get a greater understanding of how it all works. I get great satisfaction knowing that in the end, I am doing all that I can to protect my clients while they make, potentially, one of the biggest decisions of their lives.


I believe that being the best home inspector means more than knowing – it means continuing to know more and to prove your commitment to your profession. In line with this, I work hard to have the best certifications, training, and ongoing education in the industry.

Don’t hire just any home inspector. We are not just inspecting a house – we are inspecting your family’s future, your investment, and your sanctuary. Hire the best home inspector possible – contact us at Sentinel to provide you with a truly thorough home inspection.

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