If you’re moving into a new home at some point in the near future, there are plenty of things that you have on your mind. While we don’t necessarily want to add to the mental checklist you’ve got going on, there is a fairly significant thing that some homeowners fail to think about when moving into a new home – installing appliances correctly.

One simple example that emphasizes the need to ensure that all new appliances are installed according to a manufacturer’s instructions is the proper use of a dryer’s exhaust vent. A common mistake when installing a dryer is placing the end of the exhaust vent indoors. This can lead to the dryer expelling somewhere around a gallon of water into the air with every load, which can cause serious moisture issues. Another common mistake is adding too many sharp bends in the path of an exhaust vent duct. This can cause lint to build up, which is a big fire hazard. Hopefully, these simple examples will help you see the need to install appliances correctly.

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